About SciForce

About Sciforce

Our passion for discovery and innovation is what drives us to new advances in technology

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Who We Are

SciForce is a boutique software development company, specializing in AI and ML development in Digital Healthcare, Agriculture, EdTech and other industries. Our team consists of subject matter experts in different industries, such as medical doctors, data scientists, and speech experts. This diverse expertise allows us to deliver custom, innovative  and effective solutions to a wide range of clients.

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Our mission is to bring advanced technologies from the lab to industry, making them accessible and user-friendly. We are dedicated to developing AI and ML ethically, ensuring these technologies are ready for immediate use and benefit people`&apos`s lives. Through this, we aim to contribute positively to the world and drive meaningful progress.

Why choose Sciforce

We are mad about innovations

AI is our passion, so it is more than just business for us. We know how to make our clients one step ahead of competitors with science-driven solutions. Our professionals are in the front lines — from contributing to COVID-19 analysis and prediction to tailored agricultural solutions to tackle climate change.

We care about your success

Just like inside the company, we foster a family-like atmosphere with our clients. Your success is our success, and we are to finish the project only when everyone is happy with it. We focus on your current needs and long-term goals and are always ready to deliver on time and within budget.

We are the science-driven company

That is why we are ready to solve any challenge using AI technologies. We like to think about ourselves like rock stars in the research lab. Our approach: Once there is no current solution to tackle the problem, we are the ones who invent a new way for it.