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Data Science

Make your decisions easy and quick, with no risks and maximum gain

At SciForce, we offer a wide range of services: From consulting and data science as a service (DSaaS) to solution development and technical support that fit any stage of a data science cycle. We apply data science technologies like neural networks, supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement machine learning, statistical methods, and big data analytics to let our clients innovate in their fields. Learn how full stack data scientist at SciForce can help your business grow.

Problems we solve

Recommendation Systems

80% of content watched on Netflix, and 60% of videos on YouTube came from recommendations. Why don't you apply recommendation engines for your commodity?

BI and Data Analytics

Automated reporting, analytics, and dashboards made simple for everyone at your company — concrete actions backed by insights gained from your data.

Risk Management and Preventive Maintenance

Increase agility across your company and minimize errors with data-driven decisions to enhance your risk management and predictive maintenance systems.

Quality Control

Empower your quality management systems with data science solutions to reduce waste, lower costs, and improve the processes.

Healthcare Data Mapping

We are helping healthcare and pharmaceutical teams to stay on the same page by standardizing data formats for medical research and development.

Price and Demand Forecasting

Get rid of guesswork in financial planning, budgeting, capacity planning, and risk assessment. Make your decisions based on accurate forecasts enhanced by data science.

Biomedical Machine Learning

Define how to eliminate diseases caused by interactions between genes with the help of machine learning models. We also focus on protein engineering, disease progression modeling, and computational immunology.

Technology we use

technologyBig Data Platforms
Hadoop, Kafka, Hive
MongoDB, SQL
technologyProgramming Languages
Python, C++
PyTorch, Tensorflow
technologyCloud Platforms
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
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