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We are SciForce, Ukrainian AI development company helping EdTech, Healthcare, and Agriculture businesses to innovate by developing AI solutions.

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AI software development for your business:

Speech Processing

We help to save time and optimize resources with speech processing solutions: From audio transcription, classification, and speech recognition to custom virtual assistants development.

Computer Vision

We know how to grant more control and awareness for everyone by applying computer vision solutions. Our services include, but are not limited to: Security solutions, optical character recognition (OCR), customer behavior tracking and indoor analytics, automated anomaly detection, medical images analysis and segmentation, and quality control.

Machine Learning (ML)

No one enjoys navigating uncertainty. Machine learning (ML) solutions are our reply to that. We provide a wide range of services, based on the crossroads of different ML branches. Natural language processing (NLP), speech processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics solutions are here to beat any challenge. We’ve checked out.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We build flawless user experience and transform unstructured data into actionable steps with NLP solutions. We provide NLP solutions, powered by statistical and neural language modeling, combined with other machine learning, computer vision, and data analytics techniques.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Make your data-driven decisions easy and quick, counting risks and gaining maximum benefits. We apply data science technologies like neural networks, supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement machine learning, statistical methods, and big data analytics to let our clients innovate in their fields.

Predictive Analytics

We help businesses act strategically with predictive analytics solutions, backed by our expertise in machine learning and data analytics. Our range of services includes: Predictive marketing automation, AI-powered smart pricing, recommendation systems, predictive advertising and customer analytics, predictive maintenance, harvest time prediction and yield estimate.


Rephrasing Forrest Gump, something constraining you from your pace of software development always happens. With the DevOps architecture that we build, it won’t. We provide a full cycle of DevOps consulting and implementation services to ensure optimal time to market with a support environment that you can trust.