An optimal allocation of resources has been an ever-present problem for businesses. Particularly, in software development industry, with companies mushrooming throughout the globe, it is of vital importance to maintain the highest quality of the product at a competitive price. Following a deep analysis of cost-reduction strategies, the industry came up with a number of engagement models tailored for specific business needs.

To ensure that our work with clients is beneficial to either party, we offer a range of cooperation, or engagement, models which would provide for the maximum cost-efficiency taking into account the peculiarities of your project.

time & material

For a larger project, which is planned to evolve along numerous iterations and presupposes changing requirements, the best option would be Time & Material Engagement Model. This model is more flexible and is optimal for projects where needs deviate over the time, making the development requirements vague and unclear. Working at agreed hourly, daily or weekly rates for the allocated resources minimizes the risk of the project running out of control and helps maintain the transparency in customer-vendor relationships.

fixed price

If you are planning to launch a short-term small to medium project with clear-cut requirements we advise you to choose Fixed Price Model. It works particularly well for projects which last for a few months and have carefully preplanned objectives and requirements that are unlikely to change.

dedicated team

Finally, if you opt for long-term relations at a long-term project and wish to extend your team with the offshore specialists, with sharing your technical resources, tools and methodologies, a better choice would be Dedicated Team Engagement Model. Such model presupposes a fair vision of how your project should evolve and extensive efforts to keep abreast of all the management aspects Yet, if you are fond of cross-border knowledge sharing and bringing in outside minds, you will strengthen your in-house team, transforming the offshore team into an important part of your organization with the corresponding motivation and loyalty.


quality assurance


SciForce, a relatively new Ukrainian IT company, stands out among other European outsourcing businesses. What makes us unique is the team, as we unite the specialists who combine the skills of highly competent engineers, accomplished researchers and customer-oriented professionals who follow the clients’ requirements and can implement a complicated development project with carefully organized processes.

The extensive experience, know-how and cross-technology development are the pillars which make our team highly efficient.

Our expertise in IT medicine, AI and education give our clients a tangible advantage at the market.

With our in-house mathematicians, linguists, medical professionals and software engineers our clients and partners will be on top in many fields of knowledge, including state of the art and trends in digital technologies.


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