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Empower your business with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our team of AI/ML researchers, engineers, and data scientists has vast expertise in applying AI to solve real-life challenges and a song track record in end-to-end development of enterprise-grade solutions.

At SciForce we have successfully implemented AI-powered solutions in Digital Health, Edtech, Agriculture, E-commerce, and other industries.

From fast MVP creation to development and long-time support of high-availability user software - rock your business productivity and agility with us.

Our key advantage:

We work with dedicated industry-focused squads with AI and subject matter experts. For example, our Digital Health Team, consisting of medical doctors and ML specialists has a strong track record in developing models for medical use cases.

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What we do:

Our main use cases

Computer vision
Matching with machine learning algorithms we are transforming and analyzing scanned documents, including handwritten ones. We can also customize it to meet your specific requirements for faster data entry.
Speech Processing
Speech recognition is also known by a variety of other terms including speech-to-text, automatic speech recognition (ASR), and more. What speech recognition software does is enable a software program to process speech into a written format. We are helping many businesses and organizations adopt this way of working to improve their internal processes, increase productivity, and above all, save time.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
We have vast experience in developing custom NLP models tailored to your specific task and industry. Our NLP engineers can develop a model from scratch or fine-tune and deploy your existing models.