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SciForce is a Ukrainian IT company

At SciForce, we foster a family-like atmosphere for everyone. We are mad about science, and our company is more than just business for us. In our turn, we are here to propose projects that are beneficial to societies around the world. Our professionals are in the front lines — from contributing to COVID-19 analysis and prediction to tailored agricultural solutions to tackle climate change.


Java Developer

Our partner is an EU-based company, has an opening for a Middle Developer. You will be responsible for building a powerful, cloud-based Financial Planning and Analysis (B2B) solution using a modern programming language - Kotlin on top of Spring Boot/Cloud frameworks. Join the expert team working on the maintenance and development of the customer project management system doing a budget process besides it.

icon3-5 years
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One of the most powerful and innovative tech hubs in Ukraine, Lviv boasts of more than 15,000 professionals. Annually 4,000 young professionals are joining the IT community to pursue career growth. One of our R&D centers is also located in Lviv.


Kharkiv hosts more than 25,000 tech professionals, making this city the second-largest hub in Ukraine. About 15,000 young graduates are joining the IT community annually. Our company was born here too, so we've got another R&D center here.


Since Tallinn is one of the most rapidly developing and innovative smart cities in Europe, we couldn't help but step foot in its tech community. Our representative office is located here.

Who We Are

At SciForce, we are mad about science-driven innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing, and Data Science. Founded in 2015, we have R&D offices in Lviv and Kharkiv, two of the significant IT hubs of Ukraine. Moreover, we’ve got a representative office in Tallinn, Estonia. Join us!