SciFroce DevOps


Avoid overheads, decrease the development time, and provide stable operating environments.

DevOps implementation might be tedious. But it shouldn’t be. We help build an effective DevOps workflow no matter what maturity level your company is at the moment. Avoid overheads, decrease the development time, and provide stable operating environments for your teams by outsourcing DevOps to professionals. We offer a wide range of services: From infrastructure automation and release management to delivery processes and DevOps security tools orchestration. Check it out!

Problems we solve

Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)

Eliminate the pain in the neck of your teammates caused by manual servers, databases, and storage provisioning. Enjoy orchestrating the infrastructure software engineering programmatically and forget about environment drifts.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Ensure finding bugs faster, raising code quality, and accelerating the deployment process by receiving automated feedback.

Configuration as Code (CaaC)

Reduce the risks of unexpected failures of a system and data breaches and ensure 360-degree visibility by automated tracking of every tiny change in the environment.

Release Management

Enjoy sound DevOps release management with orchestrated IT operations software to ensure successful shipping on time. Streamline CI/CD and QA, and automate everything to ensure your team's efficiency.


Enjoy flexibility when scaling and deployment without downtimes for other teams by introducing separate services for your applications.

Backup Copy & Recovery

Minimize the risks with backup monitoring and restoring data for any DevOps project. Make your infrastructure ready for the worst and ensure efficient disaster recovery, avoiding downtimes.


When developing your applications, incorporate security at scale by getting the most from DevOps security tools. Focus on making the results of your work impeccable, and we’ll cover the rest.

Technology we use

technologyContinuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Jenkins, Concourse, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform
technologyConfiguration Management
Chef, Puppet, Ansible, CodeDeploy
technologyVersion Control Systems
GitHub, Gitlab, Gradle
technologyCloud Platforms
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
technologyScripting Languages
Bash, Python
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