SciFroce DevOps


Avoid overheads, decrease the development time, and provide stable operating environments.

Our team of DevOps, MLOps, software, and data engineers develops and supports architecture for cloud-based and hybrid environments, delivering tailor-made infrastructure-as-a-code solutions that allow repeatability, scalability, and flexibility of your software structure. We help build effective DevOps workflows no matter what maturity level your company is at the moment.

Outsourcing your DevOps tasks to SciForce will help you avoid overheads, decrease development time, and gain stable operating environments for your teams.

By implementing the correct DevOps practices now, you’re investing in long-term business success. Here’s what we can do to help you attain your development goals.

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Our main use cases

Cloud infrastructure management. Deploying solutions on all top cloud providers (AWS, Google, Azure)

Developing multi-cloud solutions, and hybrid cloud on-prem solutions. Migrating architecture from cloud to on-prem and from on-prem to cloud.

Cloud cost and resource optimization.

Ensuring high availability and scalability of your solutions

Security and permission management. Granular access to AWS services.

Delivering Infrastructure as Code (IaaC) and Configuration as Code (CaaC)

Building processes and architecture around release management, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), automation testing.

Backup copy and recovery, system monitoring and logging.

Microservices deployment, containerization with docker.