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Our team of AI engineers, data scientists, and software developers with extensive experience in building end-to-end e-commerce solutions.

We have successfully helped many businesses by implementing custom AI and ML solutions for personalizing shopping experiences, optimizing the supply chain, improving customer service, and preventing churn. SciForce has repeatedly delivered software solutions that ultimately led to an increase in profits for our clients.

Our main use cases

Commercial space video analytics and queue management solution

Our team developed an essential solution based on Computer vision for commercial space video analytics and queue management. Using the video streams from your existing cameras, we provide in-depth analytics of customer behavior and automatically deliver actionable insights that will let you improve your business outcomes, without interrupting existing processes.

Personalized shopping and recommendations

Improve your conversion rate with more relevant recommendations. We build ML-models that allow retailers to better understand their customers’ buying patterns, identify their tastes, and preferences and even predict their future needs. This level of personalization allows retailers to create a more targeted and relevant shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore leading to significant sales growth.

Behavior analysis

Analyzing consumer behavior is key for any retail business. At SciForce we have a long history of developing behavior analytics solutions for both small business and large chains. Allowing retailers to harvest the power of AI, while being fully aligned with data and customer privacy guidelines and AI-ethics best practices.

Predictive Sales and Inventory Management

By implementing AI in inventory management, we can help businesses make more informed decisions, predict product demand, identify patterns in sales, detect anomalies, and make recommendations for restocking to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants and Real-Time Chatbots

AI-powered Chatbots provide support by establishing a personalized connection with the consumer. Such technology allows online retailers to provide uninterrupted and brilliant customer support and accentuate their brand value. However implementing and tuning AI chatbots for your business can be tricky, SciForce AI and DevOps experts can help you with your virtual assistant-related challenges.