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farming innovations

SciForce solves problems modern agritech company is facing with the help of farming innovations.

machine learning

SciForce helps agribusiness apply machine learning solutions, from the seed planted to the harvest picked up.

SciForce goes far beyond providing data analytics for agribusinesses — we resolve specific problems with the latest machine learning techniques in agriculture. You will no longer depend on professionals operating raw data for automated farming tasks. We are building reliable machine learning solutions to find the best way to cope with that, automated and scaled.

Problems we solve

Species Breeding

Species Breeding

Define genes making up an efficient plant

Species selection might be tedious. But it shouldn’t be. We are building machine learning models predicting which genes would bring the most beneficial trait to the plant. You will enjoy the species geared up to nutrient and water use, staying disease-resistant, and adapting to climate change.

Field conditions management

Field conditions management

Understand the dynamic of the ecosystem

Machine learning algorithms can predict everything related to humidity, temperature, and moisture for efficient soil and water management. So this is how you won’t miss any tiny change to affect yield.

Crop management

Crop management

Make the most of your yield

Stop relying on historical data-based prediction only, but use computer vision technologies to increase crop quality. Having machine learning solutions, you can apply agrochemicals targeted per plant affected and get rid of weeds at a low cost.

IoT-based farming cycle

IoT-based farming cycle

Track crop’s lifecycle and growing conditions in real-time

Internet of things (IoT) techniques enabled by satellite imagery and sensors help agribusinesses minimize risks and increase yield and profit. With data collected via devices, farmers can track vital indicators like water use, nutrient density, pesticides and fertilizers used in real-time. Let IoT devices be your eyes and ears, making up an efficient farm management system.

Precision Farming

Precision Farming

Make it more accurate and controlled

When it comes to strategic planning in an unstable environment, triad determining precision farming enters the picture. Data collected on the spot — then transmitted via the Internet of things devices — precise decisions made. Start making superhuman-accurate decisions per animal or plant rather than herd or field based on the IoT-based farming cycle.

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Get rid of unpleasant surprises

Using the ground-based and aerial drones and possessing imaging collected, agribusinesses can quickly react to insect propagation, physical and chemical soil properties, the presence of pathogens and soil diseases, and adjust to topography variability.

Technology we use

Image mapping

Transform image data into solutions to increase yield and improve crop health.

Automated machine learning

Complete machine learning tasks more straightforward with the help of the interconnected system of knowledge-based agriculture. That’s a way to increase production levels and products quality.

Location based services

Equip your decisions with GIS tools, IoT devices, drones, and satellite imagery to get a great harvest without land degradation.

Computer vision

Ensure 360-degree visibility of anything in the field or farm with computer vision systems for livestock farming, yield estimation, drone-based crop monitoring, and security monitoring.

Time series analysis and forecasting

Digging through the tons of data collected during the years is a challenging task for anyone. Why don’t you enhance your decisions with machine learning predictions? Define trends, identify deviations, and derive patterns within your fields to make timely decisions using time series analysis and forecasting.

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