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Our team of AI/ML researchers, engineers, and data scientists that have vast experience in applying AI to solve manufacturing problems and providing end-to-end enterprise grade solutions for manufacturers.

We help manufacturing companies by implementing AI-powered solutions that predict supply and demand fluctuations, prevent downtime, optimize production processes, estimate the best intervals for maintenance planning, and detect early signs of anomalies.

Our main use cases

Predictive maintenance

We can develop ML models using data collected from your IoT sensors or historical data. That will help detect anomalies and events that may affect it, find correlations in equipment behavior, and make predictions so that timely action can be taken to eliminate a potential defect.

Quality Control, Inspection and Monitoring

We develop AI-powered visual quality inspection systems to help manufacturers improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with scrap and rework.

Supply chain optimization

The benefits of AI-driven supply chain optimization are numerous, from enhanced forecasting accuracy, reduced lead times, and improved customer satisfaction to significant cost savings and eco-friendly practices. We can develop a custom-made system to solve your supply chain management challenges.

Improved Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting

We develop models that utilize and realize the full potential of available data. By analyzing historical data, market trends, customer behavior, sales records, weather, seasonality, and promotions, such models generate accurate and timely forecasts that can help businesses plan their inventory levels and replenishment strategies.