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Bridging the Student-Teacher Gap

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Our team of AI engineers, data scientists, and software developers with extensive experience in building end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions. Many members of our team have roots in various fields of academia, thus the Edtech industry is especially dear to our hearts.

We have extensive experience developing machine learning models for various educational tasks and LMS systems. We develop solutions that use artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning, tailored to all education and corporate learning levels.

Whether you need help boosting the accuracy of a specific ML model, or a full strategy of incorporating AI into your learning management system – SciForce will deliver the best solution tailored for you.

Our main use cases

Intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs)

Digital tutors facilitate the learning process for students either in the physical or virtual classroom or employees undergoing corporate training. ITS creates a learning environment tailored for a personalized curriculum that is flexible in space and time, providing timely feedback and next-step hints. We can develop an ITS for your organization from scratch or help you boost the performance of an existing system.

Developing AI-powered Learning management systems

Our team has extensive experience in the development of LMS platforms powered by artificial intelligence. Our specialists can set up systems for intelligent content recommendations, progress tracking, adaptive tasks assessment, automation of administrative tasks, evaluation, and reporting.

Workflow automation

We help educators avoid routine tasks like keeping student records, grading tests and homework assignments, and timetable scheduling with task automation solutions. We also build learning management systems (LMSs), school management software, and analytics to enable efficient remote learning.

Teacher support

We help educators in their day-to-day work with plagiarism detection and spell checker tools, custom online learning platforms, content recommendation systems, tools for scoring and text analysis, personalize learning through learning material structure, discover knowledge gaps through adaptive testing, give feedback to help students improve their abilities, and track efficacy to support learners.

Teaching and learning aids

Using NLP-driven software like chatbots and text analysis tools can change the approach to the job of any educator. Learning aids like automatic speech recognition (ASR) and speech analytics solutions, intelligent assistants facilitate inclusive education for people with disabilities. We have vast experience with developing and implementing NLP-models for such use-cases

Predictive analytics

We are developing predictive models based on descriptive data and diagnostics for education leaders. These models often show trends in data that would otherwise not be apparent and can help direct decisions toward educational improvement and efficiency.

Safety and security

We are using computer vision and IoT technologies to ensure safety in the learning environment. We build face detection and recognition systems, bearing privacy in mind to limit access to educational facilities.