Psychopathological Assessment Visualization

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When it comes to health, compromises are unacceptable. Clear and timely communication, trust between a patient and a doctor, and correct treatment dynamics explained means a lot. One of our clients had an idea of a web application to facilitate everyone engaged in psychopathology treatment. Read on to discover how we developed this app, considering privacy by default.


Mental health reports might be frustrating for everyone: patients, relatives, and healthcare providers. That’s why we developed an application for summary reports on mental health test results, explaining treatment dynamics to psychopathology patients or their relatives. See the whole process behind the curtains.

  • First of all, we ensured our application's privacy and security. So we hosted the application on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as it is HIPAA-compliant and offers a smooth way to run and maintain an application. More specifically, we use PostgreSQL RDBMS hosted by AWS, and all stored data, including all backups. Also, we provide HTTPS certificates for network traffic security required by HIPAA.
  • As for the platform's usability, we created the main dashboard as the Patient List, with all existing reports shown in a paginated table. Moreover, we enabled the patient name search and sorted by name and the report date.
  • Also, it is easy to create, edit, or delete an existing report from the dashboard: Healthcare providers enter the patient data right into the system. Then it is possible to add any combination of test results for any number of patients. Depending on the tests input into the system, the application automatically generates up to five visualizations for each patient. It is also possible to add text descriptions before saving.
  • Finally, a user can either download a report in pdf or open the selected report in the presentation mode to illustrate the test results. Also, it is easy to navigate to a specific report page with the corresponding bell curve and a possible description in this mode.

We created a web application to facilitate communication between psychiatrists and patients (or their relatives). It shows the treatment dynamics and the overall patient’s state without excessive complexity. This app is HIPAA-compliant and is easy to use, both for healthcare providers and patients, as it is scalable and user-friendly.

Tech Stack


Angular 7


Django Rest Framework (DRF)

As a result, we help in clarifying diagnoses to the patients and their relatives, building trust between patient and doctor.