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Dive deep into health data to get evidence-based decisions What can we solve for you?

Think about solving modern challenges in healthcare with the help of medical doctors, who are data scientists, data analysts, and software developers. Just like at SciForce — all rolled into one. Our professionals are practicing MDs who are excellent in medical terminology and participate in scientific research with more than 20 papers published. Starting from 2021, we have obtained European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) certification proving our expertise in healthcare data analysis. Our healthcare service portfolio includes projects in healthcare data transformation and analysis, AI-enhanced. Check out how we can contribute to your project!

Problems we solve

Data Mapping

Data Mapping

Facilitating medical research and development by standardizing data formats.



Helping medical data owners sell/give access to their data via Extract/Transform/Load technology. We know how to orchestrate reliable ETL pipeline processes to make your business insights-driven.



Facilitating early diagnostic and precision treatment, drug resistance understanding via analyzing health data.

Claims Management

Claims Management

Helping clearinghouses/ insuring companies/ healthcare providers to orchestrate claims handling processes with the smallest risk of payment refusal.

Medical Image Recognition

Medical Image Recognition

Enhancing MD's capabilities with AI computer vision healthcare and image recognition to simplify result interpretation in histopathology, cytology, ECG, XR, MRI, and CT. Making AI-powered the future of healthcare to be significantly reduced in missed diagnoses and improving medical outcomes.

AI-enhanced healthcare solutions

AI-enhanced healthcare solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Medical Data Digitizing, and Impaired Speech Recognition

Helping caretakers monitor their patients' behavior remotely, facilitating digitalization of medical data, and recognizing impaired speech via speech processing algorithms.

Technology we use

Domain Expertise in Healthсare

General Practice, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

Relational Database Management (SQL-based)

Structuring and converting source data into a relational database format, further facilitating appropriate data processing.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Turn tons of data into valuable insights that will ensure cost optimization, improve customer service, and enable personalized patient care.

Predictive Analysis

Identify at-risk patients at their homes, prevent medical equipment downtime, and detect first signs of patient deterioration even before they appear.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Leverage NLP tools for administrative cost reduction and medical value creation. Possible applications might include automatic information extraction, document categorization and summarization, and converting your data into structured one.

OHDSI Software Tools

Atlas, Hades, Data Quality Dashboard, Achilles, Athena, Whiterabbit and Rabbit-in-a-hat, Usagi.

Machine Learning (ML)

We apply ML healthcare technology to increase treatment efficiency, the accuracy of diagnoses, and healthcare providers' performance by empowering efforts with ML-driven software solutions.

Computer Vision

Optimize medical diagnosis by accurate imaging analysis, drive your medical research, and ensure timely detection of diseases via remote patient monitoring with AI-powered solutions.

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