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Unleash your potential with ML services to innovate

Have you ever asked yourself: "What does ml mean" without any hollow words? Simply put, it's automation on steroids. But at SciForce, we like to experiment at the crossroads of fields to offer more than automation at scale. Our wide range of services includes pattern recognition and machine learning solution tailored to any area we've got data to develop custom software solutions. Check it out!

Services we provide

Predictive Analytics

We provide predictive analytics services like predictive marketing automation, AI-powered smart pricing, recommendation engines, predictive customer analytics, and advertising. Moreover, we help avoid downtimes and save costs with turnkey predictive maintenance solutions.

Computer Vision

We are a good fit for optical character recognition (OCR) solutions, customer behavior tracking and indoor analytics, automated anomaly detection, and quality control. Security solutions we provide include services from access control to public health and safety. Also, our medical team is professional in medical image analysis and segmentation.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ensure perfect customer experience and transform your unstructured data into the fuel for your business with NLP solutions. Arsenal of solutions we are developing include: Text classification, sentiment and intent analysis, chatbots and virtual assistants, and intelligent search solutions.

Recommendation ML Engine

As retail goes deeper online, ensure your offers are more relevant for your clients. Eliminate a tyranny of choice and ensure a personalized experience when shopping online for your customers.

Speech Processing

Choose your reliable partner for working with speech data within any machine learning life cycle you can create. Our speech processing solutions include services from audio transcriptions and classification services to virtual assistance development.

Technology we use

technologyBig Data Platforms
Hadoop, Kafka, Hive
MongoDB, SQL
technologyProgramming Languages
Python, C++
PyTorch, Tensorflow
technologyCloud Platforms
AWS, Azure, Google cloud platform
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