SciForce Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Always stay one step ahead of your competitors

SciForce helps businesses act strategically with predictive analytics solutions, backed by our expertise in machine learning and data analytics. Today, various business verticals benefit from the predictive tech that functions by analyzing historical and current data plus predictive modeling.

We know how to adjust AI technologies to the demands in various areas

Industries benefiting from our predictive analytics solutions:

Making precise diagnoses and determining likely results for patients with certain conditions

Retail and E-commercevector

Understanding what drives customers and what incentives to take for desired results with ecommerce pricing intelligence and machine learning in retail and ecommerce

Real estatevector

Assisting in property value prediction, optimizing resource efficiency and understanding energy consumption patterns, and determining potential buyers and sellers correctly


Boosting efficiency, improving customer service, and spotting issues that potentially crop up later


Predicting harvest time and yield, price fluctuations, and risk management


Predictive maintenance machine learning techniques are used for demand forecasting, KPIs analytics for workforce management, etc.


Personalized learning experience, risk of dropping out prevention and learning facilitation


Problems we solve

AI-Powered Smart Pricing

Machine learning algorithms determine service and product price optimization, taking into account competitors’ pricing, time of day, location, seasonality, and consumer behavior.

Predictive Marketing Automation

Predictive marketing combines techniques from machine learning, statistics, and data mining to get a precise picture of customers. This way it shows you potential risks and opportunities, so you take action in advance.

Product Recommendations

Recommender systems eliminate the tyranny of choice, help in decision-making, and boost online sales, making it a robust way to improve customer experience in e-commerce.

Predictive Advertising

Grounding your decisions on predictive advertising can make your campaigns efficient. Running campaigns based on precise machine learning predictions can improve marketing ROI and reduce advertising waste.

Predictive Maintenance

Data science and predictive analytics can eliminate downtime at manufacturing by scheduling the maintenance before the point of failure. That is how to minimize the number of breakdowns, improve safety and asset reliability, and maximize production hours.

Predictive Customer Analytics

Predictive customer analytics pictures a detailed image of your customer by collecting and processing data, turning it into actionable steps. So this is how you will get real-time product feedback and identify risk factors.

Harvest Time Prediction and Yield Estimate

We apply classification and regression modeling, time series analysis to make the lives of agribusinesses easier.

Technology we use

technologyBig Data Platforms
Hadoop, Kafka, Hive
MongoDB, SQL
technologyProgramming Languages
PyTorch, Tensorflow
technologyCloud Platforms
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
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