SciForce Speech Processing

Speech processing

Speech processing solutions to automate and focus on things that matter

What is speech processing? Simply put, it is automatic processing of audio by computer — technology lying behind virtual assistants or speech translation services. Since our company was born, we have been simplifying lives with sound recognition and speech processing solutions. We know how to adjust speech recognition deep learning techniques so that communication can be more efficient and secure. Check out what we can do!

Problems we solve

Speaker Recognition

Enjoy the simplicity of biometric verification in security systems without the risks of spoofing/presentation attacks. Moreover, voice processing solutions come in handy for easy authentication systems. Voice identification belongs to the speech processing applications: From banking clients verification to driver-to-car interaction.

Impaired Speech Recognition

Communication is a ground for understanding. With this in mind, we apply voice conversion technology to help people with impaired speech express themselves in everyday life. Empower people with speech impairments by using voice recognition software that we can build from scratch.

Speech Enhancement and Denoising

Make the sound of your applications distinct and point out things that matter. Ensure speech signal stays clear and audio output to be flawless.

Speech Chatbots/ Virtual Assistants/ Text to Speech Services

Besides accessible voice reader technology, text to speech services can enhance customer self-service apps. That’s how your brand can sound like a human, cutting administrative costs and boosting the number of calls with speech chatbots.

Speech Analytics

By applying speech analytics and natural language processing solutions, you can easily define the root cause of business problems. Ensure that you deliver an excellent customer experience and catch valuable insights for your growth at scale.

Dictation/ Transcription/ Speech to Text Software Development

Accurately transform speech into text, deliver flawless user experience, and analyze customer interactions to improve your business. Save workforce costs and convert unstructured data into valuable, actionable steps.

Speech Translation

Stay on the same page and become more efficient. For example, speech-to-text and speech-to-speech services can empower any online learning application for foreign language acquisition. We provide a wide range of speech translation services to help your software overcome all frontiers.

Technology we use

technologyBig Data Platforms
Hadoop, Kafka, Hive
MongoDB, SQL
technologyProgramming Languages
Python, C++
PyTorch, Tensorflow
technologyCloud Platforms
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
Kaldi, SpeechBrain, ESPnet, Fairseq, k2
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