We choose
to stay in Ukraine
to stand with

national emblem of ukraine

On Thursday, February 24th, Russia brutally invaded Ukraine,
using all manner of weapons, airstrikes, heavy missiles, and tanks,
targeting civilians and breaking the Geneva Convention.
Our reality has changed forever, but we choose to stay in Ukraine.

Why We Are Staying Strong:

Our employees have relocated to safe places, and we moved our infrastructure to the Lviv office, which is 80 kilometers from the EU’s border. We believe that we will be back in our
Kharkiv office soon, and we are doing everything that we can for the Ukrainian victory.
We have ensured that our infrastructure services in the Netherlands facilitate the daily operations of our engineers. So nothing would impact our business.
3Nurturing Relations
Since the end of 2021, we have a representative office in Tallinn, Estonia, so nothing affects our relations with partners. We are getting ready to incorporate into the European tech industry already.
Stand with us. Find out
how to support Ukraine

We choose
to pay taxes
in Ukraine

Because we know that it’s high time to support the economy of Ukraine, resisting brutal russian aggression. We choose to hire Ukrainians to allow them to make their living and support their families. Having rich experience (10+ years in different domains
of AI development), we know how to help
IT professionals grow. We know how to ship great software in time and within budget.


We choose to support
Defense Forces
of Ukraine

Via officially established resources like this one for foreigners who want to support our country: (supportukrainenow.org).
Also, we are constantly in touch with local funds and volunteers of our trust.


We choose to keep on fighting with russian disinformation

To continue implementing DDos attacks, to fight russian propaganda, as we know how to do it efficiently, considering our experience since 2014.

By ensuring the security of our employees, establishing the ground
for developing relations with partners in Europe, and holding an active civil position,
we are staying in Ukraine. We are standing with Ukraine. Of course, we will ensure
the perfect quality of our services, as we can deliver under any pressure.
The whole world has been witnessing this since February 24th.